Temple Hauptfleisch

Temple Hauptfleisch (* 27 June 1945 -) is a South African writer and academic. He makes a significant contribution to the South African drama is not only responsible in the course of his career writing plays and one-act plays, but he also writes several scholarly works and set several anthologies related to the drama. He on the occasion of the pseudonym Anton Haarhoff use.

Life and Work

Hauptfleisch is on June 27, 1945 Bloemfontein born. His parents were George Stephen Hauptfleisch and Katerina Dafina du Plessis. [1] He matriculated in 1962 at Gray College in Bloemfontein. In 1963 he was the winner of an American Field Service Exchange which enables him to a year in Oregon in the United States to spend. He graduated then from 1964 also at the University of the Orange Free State , where he was in 1966 obtained a BA degree in English and Latin majors and he is also the best Latin student in 1966. In 1967 he qualified as a language teacher by to obtain the University Education and obtained than in 1968 the BA Honors degree in English. In his student years he actively participates in the amateur scene. After he gave from 1968 to 1971 school English and Latin at Gray College, where he in 1968 with Charles Malan founder of the Gray College Drama Society. Meanwhile he part-time study further his MA degree in English, he in 1972 at the University of South Africa gained with a thesis on Greek dramatic conventions in modern drama . From 1970 to 1972 he was part-time manager at the Civic Theater in Bloemfontein.

He sosiolinguis and language researcher at the Council for Scientific Research from 1972 to 1978 , after which he in 1979 was appointed as head of the Center for South African Theater Research at the Council for Scientific Research. In 1978 he obtained a doctorate (D. Litt. Et Phil.) In English literature at the University of South Africa on The play as communication: a study of the language of drama. In 1988 he joins the University of Stellenbosch as a lecturer in the Department of Drama. [2] At this university he 1991 associate professor and founder and director of the Center for Theater and Performance Studies and in 1996 Professor and Chairman of the Drama Department and Director of the HB Thom Theater. In 2006 he was for six months exchange professor at the University of York in the UK , where he offers courses in theater theory, overview of modern drama and African drama with a focus on South Africa. In 2010 it functions out of the university and devote himself referred to on the website Encyclopaedia of South African Theater , Film, Media and Performance (ESAT). [3]

He married in 1968 with Karina Lou Bekker and they have a daughter (Anzel) and a son (Gaerin). Gaerin make himself named as proficient playwright and toneelregisseur.

On occasion he toneelresensent for Pretoria News , from 1983 member of the advisory committee for the School of Dramatic Art of the University of Witwatersrand , adviser to the ATKV Kampustoneel Scene Writer Festival, bibliographer for the International Bibliography of Theater in Brooklyn in New York , advisor to Academica and HAUM Publishers and founder, co-editor and co-publisher of South African Theater Journal . If a judge is he from 1985 involved in the AA Mutual Vita Theater Awards and from 1986 to the DALRO Theater Awards. He handled between 1972 and 1985, the editor of the South African Association for Drama and Youth Theater Journal and is also editorial consultant for Critical Arts and The Shakespeare Society Journal [3] .

He is a founding member of the South African Association for Drama and Youth Theater and the Association of Drama Departments of South Africa. His other professional memberships include Modern Language Association of America, American Theater Association, International Federation for Theater Research, Association of Drama Departments of South Africa, South African Society for General Literary Studies, Association of University English Teachers of South Africa, International Comparative Literature Association and the South African Museums Association. Along with Dennis Schauffer he was in 1998 the founder of South African Society for Theater Research and he is also from 1999 chairman of this organization. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation for Theater Research. [3]

On several occasions, he delivered papers at local and international conferences, including in 1983 in New York on Athol Fugard and the Afrikaner . On this occasion he also brings visiting several American universities where he talks with leading academics drama. Other international conferences where he acts include Munich 1988, Weenen 1991, Seattle 1991, Toronto in 1994 , Wales in 1999, Amsterdam in 1999, Lyons in 2000 , Sydney in 2001 and St. Petersburg in Russia in 2004 . [3]



Andre is a full-length play, which is published and can be seen as a tragicomedy, with a focus on the completion of an actor’s career. The fifty-year-old Andre de Jongh is an ambitious amateur actor who has had limited success with its mainly comic roles, yet dismantled feel because he thinks that people laugh as a person to him. In several of the scenes Andre portrayed as he played a role in a play, so this also drama within-a-play. Andre and his second wife Helen visited by his nephew Show, making as a songwriter and singer great strides precisely when Andre’s career wane. Show takes figuratively the limelight away from André and steal also Andre’s lover, Dina. Andre brings himself than on stage in the role of Faustus to life, while the spotlight then fell on brighter Show. [4] [5] Hauptfleisch is in 1983 one of the ten finalists for the Amstel Playwright of the Year Award based on his play Andre .

Unpublished plays

Unpublished plays from his pen that went out include Bloodline (already in 1977 by Think Theater in Pretoria will be performed and the theme of love, intolerance and treason under apartheid), under the Brandenberg (processing of JM Synge’s The Shadow of the Glen ) , on Salvokop (in 1987 staged at Kampustoneel, with theme a young man who finds out the truth about his mother’s sordid past) Here we start (written with Juanita Swanepoel and students, who in 1989 will be staged at Kampustoneel) and one for the Road to Damascus / a Loopsopie on the Damascus road . The latter deals with a fictional meeting in 1896 in Cape Town between the young CJ Langenhoven and a gray Mark Twain and was written with the help of a grant from the National Arts Council.

One-act plays

He also wrote several one-act plays. About Leopold? published by Dalro and also included in the collection beam Smaller cosmos . This one-act play set in the eighteenth century, where the danger of the autocratic ruler of a country in Europe, Leopold the Sixth will be killed during a public appearance by an assassin. A condemned man double be persuaded to take his place, but feel it as his role that he worked for Leopold death and then go king to step to meet the public performance (and probably his death). In 1971 gained Who Leopold? A Dalro award in a eenbedryfkompetisie.

The one-act play station , where an old man and a young boy waiting for the last train of the evening are included in Voetlig 1 .

Those who come second is a one-act play that is included in the collection beam Voetlig 2 . Here live the two children in a family in a bad relationship with their father, but each case always at least two sides.

The one-act play a Mismatched socks are included in the magic circle .

The one-act play Tree House dream house is included in the eponymous beam and in the mirror and the reflection . The boy Bakkies build a tree house in the backyard of a business. When the owner, Mr. Vermeulen, it was discovered, he was initially upset, but then experienced his childhood and gain an understanding Bakkies’s dreams.

The champion will be included in a Red with gears, Pa .

Dramas written as Anton Haarhoff

Temple also writes plays under the name Anton Haarhoff, including the farce The transfer of Mr. Venter taken up in 1985 in the collective bundle the mirror and the reflection . The children are unhappy with their father’s old-fashioned dress and music making and fear that he’d go hide in shame at an upcoming party. The father listening the conversation and transform itself into modern clothes for the party, but it makes the children even unhappy. The father put the children now face the choice that he or she will wear old-fashioned clothes or modern clothes from now on. The children now it’s not so easy to realize to someone about to satisfy your own desires.

Collect Bundles

Several drama anthologies compiled by him, alone and with others, such as Voetlig 1 and Voetlig 2 with PJ du Toit, South African Theater: Four plays and Introduction with Ian Steadman, the mirror and the reflection , Players with T. Townsend , Story Tree with U. Wood, a Red with gears, father with Ula Schuler, Treehouse, dream home with Jan Taljaard and magic circle . The smaller cosmos he put together in collaboration with PPB Breytenbach and for this volume he wrote an article about the language of the play . [6] [7] [8]

Other writing

He also wrote poetry and prose. In 1974 appeared two English poems by him in Unisa English Studies special poetry edition. Homunculus contains poetry and prose and published with drawings by Ronnie Watt.

His scholarly articles appeared in a multitude of trade publications, including Stiletto, Critical Arts, Lantern, Theater Forum, English in Africa , Communicatio , Shakespeare in Southern Africa and South African Theater Journal , while also contributing chapters to books like Game and Mirror , The Breytie Book and The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Post-Colonial Literature . In addition to drama and theater, he also writes about the sociology of language, including a four-report Language loyalty in South Africa .


In 1990 he received a Vita Award for theater research based on his article on City Talk theatretalk: dialect, dialogue and multilingual theater in South Africa . [9] In 2000, the Rector’s Award of the University of Stellenbosch for outstanding research awarded to him in 2002 he received the B1 rating as a researcher at the National Research Foundation . He was in 2013 at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival awarded the Art Unlimited Projects for service to the arts for his work as a scholar and theater researcher.


Works from his pen include: [10]

year publication
1974 About Leopold?
1981 homunculus
1985 André
1997 -Theatre and Society in South Africa: Reflections in a Fractured Mirror

Compiler and editor

year publication
1980 The smaller Cosmos (With PP Breytenbach)
1983 Voetlig 1 (With PJ du Toit)- Voetlig 2 (With PJ du Toit)
1984 South African Theater: Four plays and an Introduction (With Ian Steadman)
1985 The Breytjie Book: Essays on South African TheaterAthol Fugard: A Source Guide (With A. Cornelissen and C. Van Greunen)

The Mirror and The Reflection

1987 Players (with T. Townsend)
1989 Story Tree (With U. Wood)
1990 A Red With Gears, Pa (Together With Ulla Schuler
1991 The Magical Circle



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Magazines and newspapers

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Unpublished documents

  • Hauptfleisch, Temple. Curriculum vitae . National African Literary Museum and Research Center (NALN) Bloemfontein


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