Sohail Inayatullah

Sohail Inayatullah is a Pakistans- Australian futures studies researcher and visiting professor at the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies (Tamkang University) in Taipei , Taiwan .

Academic contributions

Inayatullah is best known for the development and launch of future studies methodology of causal layered analysis (CFW).

CFW for the first time as a future study technique suggested in his article in the toekomsstudievaktydskrif Futures in 1998 . Causal layered analysis is a technique that uses analysis on four different levels, focused on a topic under review, in an effort to obtain an integrated understanding especially plausible future and trends. According Inayatullah is the challenge to do the research while moving up and down between the different layers (levels). CFW helps to be inclusive in terms of the different ways of knowledge acquisition. Inayatullah two works on CFW and its application to compile even the CLA Reader in 2004 and CLA 2.0 in 2015 .

Academic positions

Besides his role at the Tamkang University, is Inayatullah an assistant professor at the “Center for Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism”, Macquarie University, Sydney , as well as assistance professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Faculty of Social Science and the Arts) .

Role in academic publications and online industry

Inayatullah was a co-editor (with Clement CP Chang and Jian-Bang Deng) of the Journal of Futures Studies , a future study journal. He is also associate editor of New Renaissance and on the editorial board of Futures , Development, Peace and Democracy in South Asia , and Foresight .

Inayatullah and his wife, Ivana Milojevic, also manages the website

Other Affilasies

Inayatullah is a member of the “World Future Society” and the “World Futures Studies Federation”.


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