Science represents the collective explicit knowledge of mankind in terms of facts, phenomena, and laws that have been developed through observation, experimentation and logical reasoning. Today, the scientific method is seen as the standard method for science, emphasizing the close observation, experimentation, measurement, mathematics and repetition. To qualify should be “science” a collection of knowledge can always be repeated by independent observers. When the scientific method applied in this way, there is a talk of “scientific research” and the people carrying out the research are “scientists”. It often distinguishes between experimental science (the observation and testing of knowledge) and applied science (how science can be used in daily life).

A scientific hypothesis is an educated guess about the nature of something, as a scientific theory is a hypothesis that has been confirmed by repeated observation and measurement.

Scientific research plays a major role are expected in all developed countries and their scientists to publish any findings in scientific journals. These magazines have employees who check all the facts in an article before it is published, but even after publishing is usually accepted new ideas before it could be repeated elsewhere.

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