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The High Diamond Field was established in 1935 as the first African high school in Kimberley . Three years later, his namesake, the Primary Diamantveld, as the first African primary school established.

The school has accumulated since its establishment nationwide great prestige with achievements in many areas. It is considered Kimberley’s most prominent school.

Dr. JF O’Grady (1935-1960) was appointed as the first principal. He was followed by Dr. CF Cerff (1962-1969), Hannes Spangenberg (1969-1974), MG Heyns (1975-1979), Jan Auret (1980-1996), and Johan du Toit (1997-2012). Mareth Hugo was appointed chief in September 2013 – the first woman in the post.

Buildings and grounds

The school was originally the residence of the old Kimberley Teachers Training College, which closed in 1930, housed. The ground floor is used for teaching, and the boarders are housed on the first floor.

After the closure of the college, the college built by an English primary school, later Primary Belgravia, took over. The two buildings were either side of what was then School Street.

The increase in enrollment at Diamantveld soon necessitated a larger school building. A new building for the school was considered, but Dr. O’Grady had his eye on the primary school building across the street. After negotiations it was decided that a new building would be erected elsewhere for elementary school, and would move Diamantveld to the old college building. The hostel is then exhausted boarding school.


Over the years, the school building each expanded. There is always held at the original architecture, so it is today difficult with the naked eye determinable which parts are built when.

A new residence building was erected next to the old residence built in 1970. The old building was evacuated. The building, despite requests from the school not maintained by the Department of Education. In 1977 began to restore the building with a view to use it as classrooms. It appeared that this was not feasible, and the building was demolished.

School Street was renamed after Voortrekker Street in 1938. In 2009 it became the street part of the school grounds. On February 23, 1968 inaugurated the new hall. At Founders, 28 January 2007, the hall after the late Dr. SM Cerff, the second principal named. Since then, the original hall, which is part of the main building, at Founders, January 28, 2008, to the late Mr. JP Spangenberg, the third principal named. At Founders, 28 January 2010, the main building to the first principal, JF O’Grady named.

The hall in the Sports and Cultural Center that was inaugurated on August 29, 2009, after Andre Markgraaff , alumnus (1970 to 1974) and one of the donors named.


The school produces each many performers on the matric end examination. Pupils of the school take at least four or five places in the top 20 list every year. The top performer in the Northern Cape was several times of Diamond Fields.

In 2013, the school named the best mathematics (second consecutive year) as well as the best science school (fourth consecutive year) in the Northern Cape.

Diamond Fields was the first school in the Northern Cape to produce a matric candidates with eight distinctions (1998). Since then, another 10 students achieved the performance. In 2006 the school provides the first matric pupil in the Northern Cape with nine distinctions, and in 2010 the first matric pupil with 10 distinctions.


Diamond Fields offers a variety of sports on. These include rugby , cricket , athletics , netball , hockey , tennis , golf , chess , badminton , soccer and jukskei . The school is one of the strongest sports schools in the Northern Cape, and has produced over the years numerous performers, also at national level.

It is on the netball court where Diamantveld totally overshadowed its neighboring schools, as it appears that the school’s first team Kimberley league in 2015 won for the 28th time in 31 years. The team also placed 12th in the national rankings in 2013, the highest ranking of any North Cape school. In the period, the team also had almost every year the Northern Cape champions, also in 2015. The Griquas schools team consists almost every year mainly from players of Diamond Fields, and the school has quite a number of players in the national schools team. The school has also produced several Springbok / Protea netball players.

Diamantveld also perform on the field. The first girls’ team placed 20th in 2013 in the national rankings, the only Northern Cape school in the top 20.

On the football field is Diamantveld won one of two schools Northern Cape schools rugby dominates and the country as a rugby power beskou.Die first team in 2014 and 2015, the annual Classic Clash against his neighbor, Northern Cape, and it became Griquas champions. The first team drew among others at Gray College in 2015, and with only 10 points against Paarl Boys’ High, regarded as the strongest team in the country in 2015, lost. The team is placed in the rankings 18th in the country.

The first team annually to the Wildeklawer Cup section, which measures the country’s toprugbyskole forces. Diamond Fields was twice hosted the tournament, which arose from an initiative of the school. The school in 2014 and 2015 again hosted.

The school annually produced several players for the Griquas Craven Week team. In 2015 had the school 11 representatives in the team, the vast majority of any school. In addition to many senior provincial players, the school also yielded three Springboks. Andre Markgraaff, former Springbok coach , is also a former pupil.

The school especially largely dominated since the 1980s schools athletics in the Northern Cape. The TOP20 athletics championships, won only in the Northern Cape where schools in a team competing with each other, for the past 14 years tenfold by Diamond Fields (including 2013 and 2014).

The school’s badminton won the national championship in 2013.

The girl’s tennis team beat toptennisskole like Orange Girls, Rhenish Girls High and Bloemhof Girls’ School in 2014.

In every other sport offered at Diamond Field, the school considered one of the two or three strongest schools in the Northern Cape.

Notable alumni

  • Karen Muir : Wêreldkampioenswemmer
  • Wessel Lightfoot SA Schools rugby union footballer
  • Andre Markgraaff , Springbok coach
  • Christine Markgraaff: Protea netball player
  • Males Gericke: Springbok rugby player
  • Milize Symington: Member of national junior swimming team
  • Letetia Vorster: Protea netball player
  • Lindy van Niekerk: National under-19 netball team
  • Melinda Vos: Protea hockey player
  • Violet Krieg: Springbok netball player
  • Francien Spawning: Springbok netball player
  • Philip van der Merwe: Springbok rugby player
  • Dirk Badenhorst: Springbok netball player
  • Gerhardus Liebenberg: Proteas cricketer
  • Rudolf Steyn: Proteas cricketer
  • Magdel Myburgh: Springbok athlete
  • Jannie van Aswegen: Junior Springbok rugby player (team captain)
  • Des Terblanche : Winner of junior golf world championship
  • Edwill Earth: Radio and TV personality
  • Coenie Burger, Moderator of the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church
  • Fonnie du Plooy: Radio personality
  • Peter Moller: Radio personality
  • Christie Hansen: Radio personality
  • Emile Minnie: Musician
  • Corné van Zyl: Second youngest permanent judge in South Africa; Several SA titles on American saddle horse championship events

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