Private School Swakopmund

The Privatschule Swakopmund / Private School Swakopmund (PSS) is an independent, private school in the Namibian coastal town of Swakopmund offers teaching in German or English learners from grade one to seven and grade eight to twelve in English, but German either as parent or a foreign language as a compulsory subject.

The PSS has arisen due to the need of the German-speaking residents of the town to have a school where their children can still be in their mother tongue after the Namibian government has disposed of after independence in 1990 all secondary education in languages other than English ; In fact, language teaching in state schools only to the third degree range. The former Deutsche Oberschule Swakopmund, for example, became the English Namib High School and so brought an end to the longstanding practice for German speaking pupils could be to at least in their ninth year in their mother tongue, and they either in English or Afrikaans teaching to matric. PSS offers instruction in German and English to the seventh school year and then only in English, although German is a compulsory subject, whether as first or as a foreign language.

The school strives to classes there, to put no more than about 22 students each that especially learners who are intellectually impaired, can get individual attention. The school also take the necessary measures to prepare students for the challenges of the technology society characterized today.

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