Mulungushi University

Mulungushi University ( English : Mulungushi University ) in the Zambian mining town of Kabwe was established in January 2008 as the country’s third public university in addition to the University of Zambia in Lusaka and the Copperbelt University in Kitwe . The country also has at least five private universities, with a sixth, Catholic university that has been in the pipeline in 2009.

Although only a thousand students registered in 2008, it is expected that the number of registrations 10 000 units will take by 2018. The university wants projects that can generate income and partnerships between the private and public sectors. The former includes promoting the Mulungushi Rock as a tourist attraction, investment on the stock exchange in Lusaka (the Luse) and the establishment of a private radio station. The partnerships involve private sector investment in student accommodation, transport services, a cafeteria, commercial bookstore on campus and other issues in.

Two campuses were built in 2009, the town campus in the heart of Kabwe where the Zambia Railways Training School was formerly located and the main campus on the banks of the Mulungushirivier, 26 km north of the town.


  • Southern African Regional Universities Association

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