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The European Graduate School ( EGS , German : Europäische Universität für Studien Interdisziplinäre ) offers MA and Ph.D. degrees to working artists, academic and active participants of “creative” professions who are willing to tackle the latest art and philosophy theories . The media and communications program focuses on intensive encounters with leading artists and thinkers in an annual three-week summer session in Saas-Fee , Valais , Switzerland . It also includes optional online discussions led by senior students and faculty in preparation for the subsequent meetings in Saas-Fee .

EGS was established under the inspiration of Black Mountain College , where leading artists and critics made by discussion art education. The medium of instruction is English .


EGS was established in 1994 by the non-profit organization “European Foundation of Interdisciplinary Studies” with the purpose of providing continuing education to professional individuals. It provides postgraduate education in two departments: Media – and Communication Studies (since 1998) and art therapy since 1994.

The German name for the university Europäische Universität für Interdisziplinäre Studien ( “European University for Interdisciplinary Studies”). It is recognized by the Swiss state of Valais to award degrees (all traditional universities in Switzerland staatsgebaseerd). A state representative is part of the presidential board. Federal recognition in Switzerland is a complex process that is required from 2005. It is part of the widespread Swiss University Reform targeted at the larger institutions, the only ones completed so far the process. The EGS has so far completed the first step.


The dean of the Masters in Arts (MA) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) programs in Media and Communication, Wolfgang Schirmacher offer the permanent faculty as visiting faculty members typically during the three weeks summer sessions intensive seminars of 1 to 3 days. Artists and philosophers who presented numerous seminars include director Peter Greenaway , philosopher Jacques Derrida (Paris), cultural theorists Jean Baudrillard , [1] philosopher of formlessness Yve-Alain Bois , [2] trip hop musician and philosopher DJ Spooky new media specialist Sandy Stone , [3] cyborg philosopher Donna Haraway , confessional artist Tracey Emin , Heidegger theorists Christopher Fynsk director John Waters , [4] art critics and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy , director Atom Egoyan , dekonstruktivis Avital Ronell , [ 5] and philosopher Alain Badiou .

Slovak kultuurteoretikus and frequent lecturer at EGS, Slavoj Žižek describes his involvement in EGS in an interview with a Swiss magazine The Weltwoche as follows:

Da gibt es eine international Sommerschule, the European Graduate School. Sie ist für Businessleute, the für ihre Weiterbildung jährlich nur ein few Wochen Zeit haben. Sie gehen da zwei oder drei Saisons hin, bezahlen und einen kriegen Schnellen Abschluss, Ihren Master oder den Doctor. Interestingly an dieser Schule ist the palette of Dozenten – es sind einigermassen bekannte Philosophen und Künstler aus der Welt geese. The Filmer Peter Greenaway und Volker Schlöndorff oder the Philosophen Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou und ich. Wir sind drei befreundet. Wir take uns dort jedes Jahr, sind für drei Wochen engagiert, ich kann meine Frau mitnehmen, habe jeden Morgen neunzig minutes Vorlesung und dann bin frei. [6]


There is an international summer school, the European Graduate School. It is for business people who only have a few weeks per year for their ongoing training. They go there for two or three seasons, pay and get a quick qualification, their master’s or doctoral degrees. What is interesting in this school, the teachers variety – there are fairly well-known philosophers and artists from around the world, as the filmmakers Peter Greenaway and Volker Schlöndorff and philosophers Giorgio Agamben , Alain Badiou and I. Our three friends. We meet there to take each year and has been engaged for three weeks, and I can my wife. Every morning, I received a lecture of 90 minutes and then I leave.

Students spend time with faculty members from breakfast to late night on the day offered the seminars.

Inter School Connect Inge

EGS has cooperative agreements with the Graduate School of Music and Theater , Hamburg as well as Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. and the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco .

EGS is also involved in an international cooperation agreement with Beit Berl College and Resling publishers for the translation of the book “Stupidity” by Prof. Avital Ronel (published in English by the University of Illinois Press in 2002). Beit Berl describes itself as the “largest academic college in Israel”

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