Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills and other less tangible but perhaps more radical transfer of knowledge, positive judgment, and well-developed wisdom. One of the fundamental aspects of education is the transmission of culture from generation to generation. Education facilitates the realization of self-potential and hidden talents of an individual. This is an application of pedagogy, a subject related to the theoretical and applied research related to learning and teaching and rely on other disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, computer science , linguistics , brain science , sociology and anthropology.

Education System

Teaching takes place when a community, a group or an individual a curriculum compile to educate people, usually young people. Teaching can be done systematically and thoroughly. Sometimes these education system, in addition to knowledge also promote ideologies or ideals, which can lead to the abuse of a system.

Primary Education

Primary or lower education consists of the first years of formal, structured education in childhood. In most countries, primary education compulsory (although some countries allow home schooling). Primary education begins usually when children aged four to eight years. The distinction between primary and secondary education is somewhat arbitrary, but generally find around the age of eleven or twelve years instead; Some education systems have a separate middle school that the transitional form of primary and secondary education, usually up to the age of fourteen years.

Secondary education

Presently secondary education in most education systems of the world from the second stage of formal education during adolescence occurs. It is characterized by the transition from the usually compulsory education for minors to the optional, selective tertiary education or higher education (eg. Universities and vocational training schools for adults ). The distinction between primary and secondary education differs from country to country and sometimes even within the borders of a country, but the separation usually takes place around the beginning of adolescence. The purpose of secondary education is usually aimed to establish enough common sense to prepare for higher education or vocational training .





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