Delta Secondary School

The Secondary School Delta (abbreviation DSW , English : Delta School Windhoek , German : Delta Schule Windhoek ) is a public school in Olympia, a city of the Namibian capital Windhoek . It was known up to 1990 as Deutsche Oberschule Windhoek (DOSW).

The DSW originally as a German medium school founded with 320 students and thirteen teachers in 1970, but attended since the independence of Namibia by about 40 percent non-German-speaking learners. Over the years, the DSW has developed into one of the leading educational institutions in Windhoek, with nearly 600 pupils and 30 teachers. The medium of instruction is in addition German, English, from the fifth grade mainly English.


The school has a hostel that catered for 37 children in 2009. With Future Education is called a school project in the life offered on afternoon activities for children.

Like other Namibian schools the DSW since 2007 the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (Namibia Senior Secondary School Certificate) as the highest certificate (Grade 12).

established 1970
type state School
head Angelika Jacobie
staff 30
pupils 580
degrees 1-12
city Windhoek
province Khomas
country Namibia

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