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Auckland Grammar School

Auckland Grammar School is a public school in Auckland , New Zealand , where children from the age of thirteen to seventeen teaching and the class of Grade 9 extends to grade 13. Near the school there is a residence that children who come from afar, house. This is one of the largest schools in New Zealand with more than 2,000 students. The school’s motto is ” Per angusta Ad…

ACG Strathallan

ACG Strathallan is a private school and college and is part of the Academic Colleges Group . It is located on the peninsula Hingaia near Auckland southern highway in New Zealand . The school was in February 2001 opened. There is a kindergarten, school (years 1-6) and college (years 7-13). There are almost 1,200 students. Strathallan specializes in British Cambridge qualifications. The principal is Robin Kirkham.

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