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Matric is the final year (grade 12) for high school students in South Africa and matriculation refers to passing matric with university approval, although the term is generally used to also indicate subgoedkeuringslagings. The final examinations in Grade 12 “matric” or more specifically “matric exams” and students in matric “matriculants called”. Most South African high school students who are at matric year, the Senior Certificate examinations take to receive a…

Bachelor Pharmaciae

a Bachelor Pharmaciae (abbreviated BPharm) is a first university degree in pharmacy or pharmacy. In South Africa it takes a minimum of 4 years academic and one year of practical training.

Bachelor artium

Bachelor of Arts (BA or BA) is a bachelor’s degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in the liberal arts, science, or both. The BA degree is usually a three-year course, depending on the country, academic institution and specific directions majors etc.

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