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hidden Markovmodel

A Hidden Markovmodel (VMM) (English: Hidden Markov model (HMM) ) is a statistical model where the assumption is that the system that is modeled a Markov with unknown parameters, and the challenge is the hidden parameters, from perceptible parameter to determine based on assumptions based on assumptions. The model parameters are extracted can be used to do further analysis in eg patroonherkenningtoepassings . In an ordinary Markovmodel, the state directly…


In statistics is dimensionality the image of a multidimensional space into a space with fewer dimensions. This is sometimes the case that analysis such as regression or classification more accurately in a reduced space can be carried out as in the original space. Consider a string of beads with the first 100 black and 100 white. If the string folded or put in a bag, is a classification between black…

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