Category: Schools in the Northwest

Vryburg High School

The Vryburg High School is a public high school in Vryburg , North West , South Africa . The school was founded in 1891. In the news In 1999, the Vryburg High School in the news after Andrew Babeile, a 19-year-old black gr. 9 pupil a white classmate, Christoff Erasmus with a pair of scissors stabbed in the neck. Babeile was convicted on a charge of attempted murder and was…

Sales Schweizer-Reneke

Sales Schweizer-Reneke is a school in Schweizer-Reneke in North West . The school was founded in 1952 after Rev. Eybers, father of the poet Elisabeth Eybers a petition addressed to the Department of Education for a high school in town. Sales Schweizer-Reneke motto never no established 1952 type state School head Pepsi Greyling founder Ds. Eybers pupils 280 degrees 7-12 city Schweizer-Reneke province North country South Africa website Home

Potchefstroom Gymnasium

Potchefstroom Gymnasium is a public high school in Potchefstroom , North West , who taught in Afrikaans learners from Grade. 8 offers up to 12. Origin The school grew out of the Theological School in Burgersdorp of the Reformed Church which was founded in 1869 to meet the need for ministers for this denomination. The Theological School also teaching at secondary learners region in preparation for their theological studies as…

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