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Academy of the Hebrew Language

The Academy of the Hebrew Language (Hebrew: הָאָקָדֶמְיָה לַלָּשׁוֹן הָעִבְרִית , HaAkademya laLashon haIvrit ) was established by the Israeli government in 1953 as the highest institution of learning in the Hebrew language at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Givat Ram campus. External links The Academy of the Hebrew Language

Israel Academy of Sciences

The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities , which in Jerusalem was based in 1961 by the State of Israel was established to promote contacts between scholars of the sciences and humanities in Israel; to advise the government on research projects of national importance; and to promote excellence. It consists of 102 of Israel’s most prominent scholars. The academy’s home is next to the official residence of the President of…

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