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Delta Secondary School

The Secondary School Delta (abbreviation DSW , English : Delta School Windhoek , German : Delta Schule Windhoek ) is a public school in Olympia, a city of the Namibian capital Windhoek . It was known up to 1990 as Deutsche Oberschule Windhoek (DOSW). The DSW originally as a German medium school founded with 320 students and thirteen teachers in 1970, but attended since the independence of Namibia by about…

Rand Afrikaans University

The Rand Afrikaans University ( RAU ) was an African institution of higher education and research that Johannesburg has served and surrounding area. The university was founded in 1967 and disbanded in 2004, on January 1, 2005 with the Vista University and Technikon Witwatersrand a new university, namely the University of Johannesburg to form.   History In the two decades after the Second World War, the current impoverished Africans from…

Stellenbosch High School

Stellenbosch High School is a secondary Afrikaans high school in Stellenbosch , South Africa is located. The school’s nickname is Stellies. School song The school’s school song in 1977 by Mr. wrote HP van der Westhuizen. The words read as follows: Stellenbosch, a beautiful home and the glory of your name, anchor us to your past, we bind to a unit. Fier and high as oaks we grow here good…

Tshwane University of Technology

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is a tertiary education institution in Tshwane is located. TUT in 2003 created after merging three major techni, namely Technikon Northern Gauteng, Technikon North West and Technikon Pretoria.

Private School Swakopmund

The Privatschule Swakopmund / Private School Swakopmund (PSS) is an independent, private school in the Namibian coastal town of Swakopmund offers teaching in German or English learners from grade one to seven and grade eight to twelve in English, but German either as parent or a foreign language as a compulsory subject.

Peter Duesberg

Peter H. Duesberg (born 2 December 1936 in Münster , Germany ) is currently a professor of molecular- and cell biology at the University of California , Berkeley . He became famous for identifying and kartisering of the src -no, the first recognized oncogene in the 1970s. Currently he is more known for his controversial view that HIV is not AIDS cause.

Center for Complementary and Alternative Communication

The Center for Complementary and Alternative Communication (CAAC) is housed in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria , and headed by Prof. in 1991 Erna Alant arise. It is located in the Communication . The center’s mission is to provide research and training to students that aims to improve the lives of people with communication problems.

Steve Biko Academic Hospital

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital is a hospital in Pretoria , South Africa . The hospital earlier than the Pretoria Academic Hospital , and in 1994 became known as the HF Verwoerd Hospital. The hospital is used purely as a tertiary education institution for health care. [1] This is the main teaching hospital of the University of Pretoria , with Kalafong Hospital in Atteridgeville on the west side of downtown….

Student Affairs Building UP

The Student Affairs Building , completed in 1915 , was the first student residence on the Hatfield Campus of the University of Pretoria was built. It is through the Department of Public Works designed and show elements of Neo-Romanesque style, as can be seen from the classic white pillars and strong horizontal lines. The building originally was known as the College House and mainly served as men’s residence, but also…

Students Center UP

Over the years, the University of Pretoria had several student centers, but as the number of students has increased, everyone became insufficient. A new Student Center , which was designed by Philip Viljoen could be built after Roper in 1993 is closed. It was largely by Sasol -sponsored and other donors was officially in August 1995 opened. The student center is the hub of social activity for most students. It…

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