Auckland Grammar School

Auckland Grammar School is a public school in Auckland , New Zealand , where children from the age of thirteen to seventeen teaching and the class of Grade 9 extends to grade 13. Near the school there is a residence that children who come from afar, house. This is one of the largest schools in New Zealand with more than 2,000 students. The school’s motto is ” Per angusta Ad Augusta “, meaning “Through adversity to greatness.”

Historical background

Auckland Grammar School in 1868 erected by Sir George Gray , New Zealand governor 1861 to 1868 , and also at a time governor of the Cape of Good Hope . In those days, the white settlers of New Zealand in an armed conflict with the Maori concerned about land rights and the governor asked the Birtse government for help. More than one million soldiers were sent, many settled with their families in Auckland. Gray decided to set up the Auckland Grammar School to provide good education to the soldiers’ descendants.


The school does not discriminate on the basis of class or race that can obtain all male residents of New Zealand of the prescribed age access to the school. The school is also a proponent of education, many second and third languages, especially Latin . Further lay school emphasis on balance between academics, sports and culture.

Famous past pupils

  • Sir Edmund Hillary , the first man to Mount Everest climbed
  • Russell Crowe , actor

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