Academy of Fine Arts (Umea)

The Academy of Fine Arts Umeå ( Konsthögskolan i Umeå ) is a Swedish art school at the University of Umeå . The art school makes with the Umeå Academy of Architecture, the Desinginstituut the Bildmuseet and HumlabX part of the Umeå Arts Campus.

Training courses

The art school offers two courses in the visual arts: the three-year bachelor’s degree (BFA) and a two-year postgraduate Master Course (MFA). There is also offered courses in aesthetics I, II and III and summer courses are organized. The training in visual arts includes practical and theoretical aspects. Students learn to work with wood, metal, plaster, bronze, prints, photographs, videos, audio and computer-based art.

The work of the students since 1993 continuously displayed in their own art gallery [1] and the annual exhibition on the school premises or in the nearby Bildmuseet held. [2]


The art school is also doing research on artistic basis, related to the national “Artistic Research School” ( Konstnärliga forskarskolan ) [3] and a number of other research projects.


The training was initially presented in an old factory building near the Umerivier, whose facade in 1909 was designed by Sigge Cronstedt. The factory was first opened in 1910 and was the first major industry in the city. It was until 1954 in industry. The old factory building was converted in 1986 into a school building and the art school has canceled a year later.

In the spring of 2012 moved the Art Academy to a new building, a property on the arts campus. The former building was renovated again in 2013-2014 and is now used for artistic projects and houses the Academy’s art gallery.


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